Are You Trauma Bonded To A Narcissist?

Trauma bonding is an intense and inexplicable experience that can be truly terrifying and confusing for people.

You will be driven to stay connected and do everything possible to fix a relationship, regardless of how much this person is hurting you.

This may shock you because you know you need to stay away.

You will probably be asking yourself, “Why do I love you so much when you abuse me like this?”
It feels like love … yet I promise you it is not.

Today’s Thriver TV episode is all about the insidious ties that occur with the narcissist, ties that feel almost impossible to sever.

But don’t give up hope of finally being able to disconnect from this toxic person because I will also explain how to get out of this terrible powerless state so you can dissolve the bonds and live the abuse-free life you were meant to live.

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