Are you "crazy" for dealing with depression?

Question: Are you “crazy” for dealing with depression?

My straightforward answer is no. No, you are not “a crazy person” for dealing with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, hating life, feeling alone, hating yourself, etc. I believe you are simply… misunderstood.

I used to feel guilty for dealing with my own depression and anxiety. I felt as if it was my fault for not seeing reality, or life, as “positive as it really is”. But, I now believe that the lens that everyone’s eyes view life through is simply designed differently.

“Every single person is not going to view life, emotionally, the same way.” – Immanuel

The small things that added up to make one person feel happy in life might not hit the same buttons for someone else to feel that same level of happiness… and that is completely okay. The other person shouldn’t be looked down upon as too emotional, neglected, or mistreated for struggling to feel similar happiness. They are on their own emotional and mental journey in their life. They will find what pushes the right buttons for them for their happiness in their own time. Simple as that.

I believe this mental shift in emotional understanding could help continue to change the mental health stigma. These conversations are not easy to talk about, but they are needed. It’s not easy being on this side of the conversation, but it’s my mission to continue to use my voice and wisdom for those who I feel are being misheard, overlooked, and misunderstood.

If you have read up to this point, please know you are awesome and swagalicious for continuing to push forward despite your mental battles. The fact you still choose to physically and mentally crawl forward instead of laying down in life makes you, in my opinion, a ‘Mental Health Warrior’. You are strong! I’m rooting for you. You got this.

– Immanuel 💭😄✌🏾❤️



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