Archangel Michael is her guide |Past life regression or Quantum Healing Hypnosis

Past life regression or Quantum Healing Hypnosis Is a tool to help people to go to hypnosis ( theta ) state, when we are in this state, we have all the knowingness and be able to channel our higher selves or our spiritual guides or higher beings or even the source ( the creator ) for us to find out all connections between us and the spiritual realm in order to understand our current life and the meaning behind it.
Furthermore, some clients will experience their higher selves explain the connections between the souls.
(This kind of hypnosis goes to the person’s deepest consciousness level in order for the client to go to past, parallel, or even future lives, where the client will be shown the connections between those lifetimes and the current life for a lesson to be learned or their current concerns to be answered.
But, we might want to ask, who is showing the client those lives? The answer is the Higher Self, who is always willing to provide us the guidance for us to be in the alignment of our true selves. The higher self is the source of energy and through the hypnosis session, the client will be able to connect with his or hers and find out more about their purpose and true essence, in another word, of who we really are.)

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