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Cherry (2021) – Storyline/Plot:

An Army medic suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder becomes a serial bank robber after an addiction to drugs puts him in debt.

Cherry falls in love at first sight with his college classmate Emily. Their relationship blossoms but when Cherry expresses his love for Emily she decides to break up with him the next day and plans to leave to study in Montreal to avoid her own emotions. This is due to her past unresolved issues of catching her father cheating on her mother, as well as protecting herself and making sure that she never will feel any vulnerability again. Cherry is devastated and enlists in the Army as a medic to escape his heartbreak and run away. Just before he is about to leave, Emily realises her mistake and confesses that she is in love with Cherry too and they are endgame for one another. Cherry and Emily marry before his deployment at a courthouse in the happiest moment of their lives.

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Ultimately, it does suck watching this guy have some much potential only for life events to tear him, and everything around him, down. The heartstrings are tugged at on occasion throughout the film giving this movie it’s wholesome worth-while watch.

Overall: A movie I would definitely watch again and will most likely buy on home release. Tom Holland gives a masterful performance. If not for the commitment he brings to the table this movie could’ve fallen flat on its face. The story is poetry in motion and breathes as a beautiful book. A little too long by the time two hours shows up, but still an excellent movie.

“Should I watch this movie?” My answer is ‘Yes’.

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