Apologies to Joe Kittinger

Bill Kaysing had stated that he would apologize publicly to the Apollo astronauts if it turned out they truly did go to the Moon. I have always held myself to that same standard. Today, I must extend that promise to an innocent third party not associated with Apollo, or even NASA.

When I did my MarsFaker, some propagandists cited Joe Kittinger’s 103,000ft sky jump as ‘evidence’ that parachutes could have functioned in Mars’ atmosphere and landed the Viking and Pathfinder missions. I’m sorry to say at the time I suspected that Kittinger’s jump was faked or exaggerated.

Back then, I was suffering post traumatic stress disorder following a death in the family at the time. Now that I’ve had the time to recuperate and think about it some more, I’ve come to the conclusion that these propagandists were just throwing out bad examples to see if I’d bite. Obviously, I bit.

In this video, I explain why comparing Kittinger’s jump with a Mars landing was apples and oranges, and I offer my sincerest apologies for implying that the Excelsior III jump was faked.

Source: Youtube