Anywhere At The Time Of Memorial Feeling (EATEOT Fan Project) (Stage 1 – 5)

“Anywhere At The Time Of Memorial Feeling” Or AATTOMF Is A SoundTrack Series For Exploring With PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder)
Its A Complete advancement And Total.
(Wear Headphones Vertically)

Their Family Having A Great Day. Relaxed, Hangout With Thier Friends And Orthers.
Nothing Weird Happend To This Situation.

00:00 Good Loving Country

01:33 Just A Loving Piano Is Playing

05:14 Not A Army, Only A Safety One.


Their Family Tried To Remember Within The Old One. Traveling From Our Oldest House Yet. But His Own Spirits Welcoming From Thier Situation, His Own Mother Having Memories About The Car Incident. Mother Got Sick. Hes About To Go Hospital.

09:01 Familiar Maple Rag

STAGE 2.5:
Brother Tried To Find The Next One With The Old One. Its Empty, The House Is Ruined. And The Weird Radio Is Playing It. Was The Familiar Videogame.

12:00 The Saloon With The Weirder One. ( The Videogame Seems Weirder )

His Own Mother Is Almost Dying, He Cannot Be Moved, Remembering Thier Memories And Helping With Own Child. Its Getting Weirder, The Son Is Remembering It, Thinks The World Will Be Surrounded. Tried To Seek In His Own Basement Or Shelter At Home, Also Family Followed Him.

12:33 Under The Memorial

16:02 No More. (Being Alone Is Quite Relaxing)

20:28 Its Getting Tense

STAGE 4: The City Is Getting Abounded, His Own Familiy Is Being Missing, Alot Of People Is Being Lost. The Soldiers Might Be Killing All Of The People. The Son Is Almost Surviving.

24:52 Its Starting To Begin A War

31:53 Your Families Are Missing

STAGE 4.5:
The Son Survived By Killing The Soldiers Up. But He Can’t Survive It. The Soldiers Might Be Used As Strong Weapons. Decided To Stay In Basement Or Shelter. Gets His Own 10% Endless Supplies. Specially Locked The Door Perfectly.

33:16 The City Is Vanished

37:25 The End Is Near (The Existence Is Burning)

All Of The Buildings Were Destroyed, Exploded And Begone. His Own Family Died, Our Population Is Ended. Germany Colonized The Earth. The Son Was Last Standing Man Or Children.

40:58 Goodbye World.

Source: Youtube