Americans suffer pandemic PTSD


This pandemic fostered fear and forced change in our way of life.

And new research suggests an alarming number of Americans may be suffering from post traumatic stress symptoms because of it.

Social distancing, isolation, unemployment and fear of you or a loved one getting sick have all contributed to these symptoms.

The past several months haven’t been easy on anyone.

Megan Holme, the founding director of the Center on Trauma and Adversity at Case Western Reserve University, helped lead a study on around 12-hundred Americans.

Holmes said about 85-percent of those Americans are experiencing at least one or more post traumatic stress symptom and about 28-percent would meet the diagnostic criteria for PTSD.

Holmes says symptoms can be reexperiencing unwanted memories, having negative thoughts or moods, avoiding distressing feelings and changes to how you react to those feelings.

Holmes says there are ways to cope.

Create a self-care plan.

Find ways to reduce stress and take care of your body.

Take a break from social media.

Do activities you enjoy.

Connect with others through FaceTime or talking to a neighbor while social distancing.

And if you aren’t able to reduce stress, reach out to a health care professional.

Posted – 7.30.20

Source: Youtube