ACC disability assessment PTSD update. Bipolar, PTSD, autism. Arrogant psychiatrists.

My name is Xanthe Wyse. Diagnosed bipolar 1 disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), social anxiety disorder. Historically diagnosed major depressive disorder (treatment resistant), generalised anxiety disorder.

Not sure if picked up the bit where I swore under my breath – that was what I was referring to when I said my psychologist didn’t say that part.

There was some confusion about whether I on the autistic spectrum, told ‘yes, but don’t diagnose adults’, ‘no, it’s traits only’ and now saying that those traits might be significant.

This is the frustrating crap that I’ve had to deal with for decades. I have found most psychiatrists to be very arrogant and not to listen to me. Psychologists have generally been a bit better, but not always.

Have made some other videos about the frustrating process with the application for a piddly lump sum disability payment from ACC in NZ. My clinicians said it was my choice but worth trying. I decided to try and it has been a pretty exhausting process.

The psychiatrist who did a phone assessment decided I had the minimum 10% whole body impairment for a piddly payout (just over NZ $3000). Usually PTSD is assessed by ACC at 10-20%, rarely more. If less than 10%, they pay nothing.

The psychiatrist then decided to apportion some to bipolar, also said son’s diagnoses (Aspergers autism, ADHD) were relevant as strong link with child and parent) and also put some to stress of divorce and separation from son. All of which are not covered by ACC (ACC is pretty much an insurance company that only covers accidents and injuries, which include ‘sensitive claims’ (sexual abuse/assault that happened in NZ). I have been having weekly therapy with a psychologist, paid for by ACC.

The report had several contradictions, errors and falsehoods, so I appealed it. Also complained about the psychiatrist who has several bad reviews for similar. I was told by HDC that have to deal with him direct. Has been very frustrating as he would only correct a few things at a time, back and forth. I have asked if there is a voice recording of the interview as his notes have drawn erroneous conclusions, such as claiming I was hypersexual in my 20s.

They do not consider the testing that put me in the moderate to severe range. There’s not really any rhyme or reason, other than to try and avoid paying people anything.

So now, it’s either accept this sloppy report or to ask for it to be reviewed by an independent reviewer. It has been very stressful dealing with the system. Proceed at your own risk if try.

Recently published my semiautobiographical novel, Pet Purpose: Your Unspoken Voice on Amazon, as ebook and paperback.

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