a unluwful trespass solicited by Obetz police

on 7/19/2021, I was involved in a serious automobile accident causing many thousand dollars of damage as well as causing me post-traumatic stress disorder due to my injuries and rights being violated. the very next day I went to the gas station where the accident had happened to ask if I can get surveillance footage to cooperate my felony charges against the guy causing all of this.

what the manager at the gas station did not realize once I showed up was I was recording her with my cell phone unbeknownst to her. she said that the footage would not be attainable unless otherwise through an attorney what I am now going through. so I say okay to her and also let her know that if she tampers with the footage, cannot produce it or alters the footage she can be criminally charged with a crime. and I left!

about 20 minutes past and the Obetz Police department show up at my doorstep with a copy of said trespass. I was never asked to leave the property by anyone. nor do I deserve to be trespassed. So Opd pretty much skipped a step and went straight for the criminal trust pass. this is a solicited trespass on behalf of Obetz Police department and serving officer Thomas Maynard badge #323 if you feel the need to redress the government or put a complaint in against this officer. the address will be below!

in tyranny and qualified immunity like YESTERDAY!!!!!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬8

****Obetz police dept 4175 Alum Creek Dr, Obetz Ohio 43207*****

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