9 Ways SEX DOLLS Can Help Men Suffering From PTSD and Depression

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9 Ways SEX DOLLS Can Help Men Suffering From PTSD and Depression

When war veterans return home after serving their country on several tours, they often bring back something that modern societies all over the world are totally unprepared for: psychological battle scars.

The sort of scars that cannot be seen or quickly treated with a shot of antibiotics. The sort of scars that don’t receive get-well cards, flowers and boxes of chocolates from families and loved ones.

PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) is a terribly lonely mental disorder that is not even fully understood by the mental health industry. Patients suffering from the condition rarely have the inclination or the words to describe the mental horrors they are living daily with.

Even if they did, most people have little understanding of the depth of the depression and distress that PTSD entails.

It is not surprising, therefore, that a growing number of PTSD sufferers are towards sex dolls for solace and companionship.

We interviewed sex doll buyers with PTSD and depression to better understand the positive impacts these dolls have brought into their lives.

Here is what we learned from them:

# 1: Sex Dolls Help To Reduce Physical Pain

PTSD sufferers agree that the presence of their sex doll `best friend’ in the room, helps to calm their nerves, and reduce the sudden onset of stress that triggers these physical symptoms.

#2: Real Sex Dolls Offer Distraction From Nightmares And Flashbacks

Flashbacks, or “re-experiencing” a traumatic event comes on without warning.

Suddenly the PTSD suffer is dragged back to the event that lies at the root of their condition, and they are forced to relive the event – frame by frame.

Having a real sex doll to hold, and to receive companionship from, goes a long way in keeping these debilitating flashbacks at bay.

#3: Real Sex Dolls Decrease The Impact Of Anxiety And Depression

Some PTSD patients say that their depression has lifted significantly with the introduction of real sex dolls in their lives.

Episodes of anxiety have reduced because their sex dolls are always present to offer sexual release and relaxation from pent-up feelings.

#4: Real Sex Dolls Act As A Buffer Against The Desire For Complete Emotional Withdrawal

PTSD victims have a tendency to withdraw from the people they loved, and the activities and hobbies they enjoyed.

Fear and hopelessness make them put up barriers that their families and friends find impossible to overcome.

In such situations, sex dolls are the closest human contact that they can tolerate.

Half-human and half-doll, they are the perfect buffer that does not challenge the victim and does not pose as any kind of perceived threat.

#5: Real Sex Dolls Help To Fight Insomnia

Insomnia, or inability to sleep, is a very common symptom in PTSD.

A PTSD patients have said that after their real sex doll arrived, they are not so afraid of the dark, and are sleeping a whole lot better at night.

#6: Real Sex Dolls Encourage A Renewal Of Interest In Life

The non-threatening presence of sex dolls encourage PTSD victims to drop their guard, and find safe occupations to amuse themselves with.

Even though they have lost interest in most activities of `real’ life, they are engaged in their fantasy world that gives them pleasure, relaxation and a safe creative outlet.

Over time, and with proper medication and therapy, this outlet can increase, and the person can heal enough to slowly start returning to normal life.

#7: Real Sex Dolls Can Reduce The Possibility Of Substance Abuse

PTSD patients often turn to substances like drugs and alcohol to escape the mental trauma they are living with every single moment of the day.

When they introduce a sex doll in their lives, the need for mood-altering substances reduces significantly because the doll is offering both fantasy and escape through sex and companionship.

#8: Real Sex Dolls Help To Control Sudden Bouts Of Anger And Aggression

One of PTSD’s many chronic symptoms is the sudden display of aggression and anger.

The sexual relief that real sox dolls provide can become an avenue that expends a lot of that aggression.

The patient can stay calmer and in more control because those unexpressed emotions are being channeled as sexual energy.

#9: Real Sex Dolls Offer Physical Release When Romance Is An Impossibility

For PTSD victims who feel incapable of romantic intimacies, sex dolls play an incredibly important role as caretakers of their physical needs.

Especially if this aversion for physical proximity is causing symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

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