#60 Complex PTSD & Chronic Trauma?

Ask Kati Anything ep #60 audience questions:

Hi Kati! Do you ever suspect a patient of yours has gone through abuse in their childhood before they tell you? (COMMENT: Further, you’ve probably never seen a trans patient, but would you ever suspect sexual abuse….

How can one deal with not being able to work/learn their dream career? ( for context) Grades are fine but for other reasons the university won’t let me (i want to be a teacher but i have a speech issue – minimal improvement in speech therapy in the past….

Hi Kati! Can you talk about being totally overwhelmed with the daily maintenance of adulthood. It’s like a never ending list of things I need to do to keep myself healthy, not look like a hobo everyday, keep my house clean, maintain cars, keep going….

Hi Kati! I have recently got into my dream school for my dream career but I am unable to feel happy. Every time I achieved something great and have told my parents they always had a sarcastic response to the effect of “you could’ve done better”…

Hi Kati, hope you are having an amazing day! My question is how to deal with missing a therapist and does it ever even stop? I’ve been out of therapy for over a year now and I still miss my therapist and think about her everyday. When I was really struggling she helped me so much and was actually the first person who really listened to…

Hi Kati! So, my therapist left for maternity leave in February and she’s supposed to be coming back in may. She said we were naturally getting close to the end whenever she left, so we went ahead and did all of the end of therapy things. I was seeing her because of my eating disorder and anxiety. I’ve been feeling the best I’ve ever felt recently…

Hi Kati! I really like my therapist and trust her. But sometimes I wish she would prompt me more — ask me more questions, as opposed to waiting for me to start speaking. There are frequent moments of silence in our sessions where I suddenly feel unprepared. Even if I know I have many cans of worms left to open, I just want her to bring them….

Hi Kati, how can we, as highly sensitive people, cope with the intense psychological pain, seeing myself and others suffering in wild loneliness? This sounds existential. Life is pain, despite all happiness and meaning. I don’t take on people’s burden for I know those aren’t my problems and I can’t possibly “save” others. And vice versa….

Hi Kati! Does attachment to our therapist sometimes never go away? I´m scared I will never get over my attachment to my therapist. I struggled to open up to her at all in the beginning and now I´ve become overly attached to her for a long time. Not seeing her and not having sessions with her makes me anxious and feel left alone, like a little child….

Hi Kati, I feel like it’s a dumb question but I am going to ask it anyway. Do your patients always have something to talk about every time they come into therapy? Every time they come, do you talk about new things or the things you talked about last time. What I mean…

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