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Hey everybody today we are going to address 6 misconceptions about post traumatic stress disorder or PTSD. I have been doing my best to talk more about PTSD and the effects of it because my new book Traumatized is available for preorder now and it comes out Sept 7th! It’s my hope that by talking more about trauma, we reduce the stigma associated with it, and those struggling will more quickly reach out for professional help. Because it can and will get better! Now I’m touching on these misconceptions top-level, but to understand this deeper and really find solutions, I strongly recommend doing your own research on this topic. I break trauma down a lot deeper in my new book. Okay, now let’s jump into those misconceptions.

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Mental Health 101 is a new series where I talk through the specifics of mental health subject matters, everything from dissociation, social media addiction, social anxiety, depression and more. In each of these episodes, I will clearly break down questions like “What is PTSD?” or “Signs of addiction?” and more. Each video will be set up in a way that allows you to support your loved ones, or help identify subject matter symptoms, and also misconceptions surrounding mental health disorders. Stay tuned for new content so you can be the best version of self, and the best friend and family member to your loved ones.

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