4 TIPS on HOW TO HELP someone with PTSD

Today I talk about how we can help those in our life who suffer from PTSD. I know that it can be really hard to cope with the varying mood and potential lashing out, so here are some ways to help heal the relationship and grow together in recovery. 1. Be patient and understanding: I know that this can be very hard, but taking time for ourselves and doing some self-care can give us a bit more patience and ability to care for the person in our life who is struggling with PTSD. Recovery from this can be very hard, and working to understand their process with it, can help them feel better supported and cared for.
2. Try to be aware of their PTSD triggers: That way we can offer some extra support and even work to avoid them. Doing this can help them to keep moving forward and feel like they are struggling or having flashbacks as often.
3. Don’t take the symptoms of PTSD personally: This is by far the most difficult!!! But number 2 can help us with this, because if we seek to understand, we can better know what’s happening for them and express more clearly how we are feeling about it. I know it can be hard to not get angry, but by sharing how you feel and how hard it is, can actually help you both better understand the process and work together to heal.
4. Don’t pressure your loved one into talking: Having PTSD can make conversations and talking about what we are going through really hard! So simply checking in, letting them know you are there, and that you care can really help.
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