30 minutes Snowfall Sound | Nature sounds music | Relaxing Music For Study & #Meditation

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Relaxing music with snowfall & birds chirping sound that can be used for sleep, work, studying, reading, meditation, spas, yoga, massages or simply enjoyed as it is.

Welcome to NaturalThrive

NaturalThrive is a channel where you will learn how to find inner peace and heal yourself within with the capability of music. Our aims to serve you meditation & different forms of Relaxation, meditation, & healing sounds, based on solfeggio frequencies ( mantra chants and various other resources for meditation, relaxation, sleep and healing.

Natural sounds & Solfeggio Frequencies helps with:
1. Anger management,
2. Depression,
3. Insomnia,
4. Study,
5. Stress,
6. Anxiety,
7. PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder),
8. Meditation,
9. Increasing Focus,
10. Tinnitus and so on.

Hope our work will help you in a positive way.
Blessings & Peace all the way.
We thank you for your understanding & support.

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