#164' Frustration, OCD, and Being Suicidal. My Life with BPD, C- PTSD, Bipolar, Suicidal Depression.

If you can relate to this video, I also wrote an ebook for us and put it on Amazon for you so we don’t feel so alone and we can feel like there’s something other than suffering on our own in the dark every day.  The ebook would be free if Amazon wasn’t into making money so I had to put the ebook price at $1.00 dollar.  $1.00 dollar is the lowest price a person can sell an ebook on Amazon, so I priced the ebook at one dollar for our community.  It’s a very real ebook that speaks the truth about mental illness that the rest of the world doesn’t understand or chooses to avoid.  I wrote this ebook so you could feel like someone finally gets you and understands what you’re going through.  

This ebook does that because it’s the shit and it’s something you can definitely relate to.  I just want to spread awareness about what we are all going through and how we feel.  I care about us and I hope that this ebook will help your family understand you and the ebook makes you feel like you’re not so alone after all.  

The name of our ebook, I’ll call it our ebook because I wrote it for you; is called – 

Amazon Ebook By Joe Winiroh – I’m Feeling the Darkness of Suicidal Depression Again.

The ebook is the journal entries of myself. I am suicidal, homicidal, and mentally ill.  I am also bipolar, I have Borderline Personality Disorder, complex PTSD, childhood neglect, schizoaffective disorder, OCD, an eating disorder, a sleeping disorder, and other mental illnesses.  I wrote this book so all of us who have these dark feelings and thoughts do not feel all alone. I’m also making these videos so people get a glimpse into the mind and the behaviors of a confused mind.  So thank you so much again for watching the videos I am making for all of us to not feel so all alone. I hope you’re having a good day today and I hope you are feeling okay.

Ok, so first off, know that I have so much empathy for you because I understand what you’re going through.  We live in a world where many people may not understand us or get us. Well I understand you. 

What we go through is real and it’s so difficult. I’m hoping that these videos will bring comfort to your mind that there is someone else out there who may be feeling the same way you are feeling right now.

If you know anyone who has Borderline Personality Disorder, manic depression, depression, trauma, childhood neglect, comes from severe poverty, abuse, has a mental illness, has an eating disorder, or has abusive parents, please share this video with that person.  These issues are not spoken of enough and not understood by most people. So let’s change that. It is also helpful for the families and friends of anyone who suffers from these difficulties I listed above to watch this video so your family and friends know about what you may be going through every day.  

Thank you so much again for watching and being an important part of this movement to make people understand what we are going through,

Joe Winiroh


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