14 Signs your mental health is bad

How is your mental health? And how do you tell whether your mental health is good or bad?
what are the signs that you can recognize if your mental health is bad? Are you inclined to
suffer from a mental sickness such as, anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia?
What are the side effects? What are the key signs of stretch influencing mental health? How
are you adapting with stress recently?This stress can be physical or mental, and the
symptoms of a mental breakdown can subtly sneak up on you and grow out of control if you
don’t catch the signs early. So, to help better your mental health, let’s catch the signs early
on and see if we can figure out together if you are mentally breaking down.
Mental wellbeing has rapidly ended up one of the foremost pressing social advocacies of its
time. In spite of this, there’s still a startling number of individuals who come up short to
realize how imperative mental wellbeing is. Here are some Signs Your Mental Wellbeing is

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0:00 Mental health
1:05 Schizophrenia
1:42 Mood disorder
2:11 Persistent depressive disorder
2:24 Bipolar disorder
3:08 Postpartum depression
3:33 Premenstrual dysphoric disorder
3:55 Anxiety disorders
4:12 Generalized anxiety disorder
4:47 Phobia
5:27 Social anxiety
6:07 Eating disorders
6:20 Post-Traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
6:51 Narcissistic personality disorder
7:12 Paranoia

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