12 Amazing Ways To Declutter Your Mind

From distracting yourself, connecting with friends, meditating, being alone, to practicing mindfulness and more, watch till the end to learn about all of them.

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1. Distract Yourself: When you are starting to feel overwhelmed by your own thoughts, it’s time to find something else to think about. Keep in mind we’re not suggesting you run from your responsibilities. But rather you take a vacation from them for just a few moments at a time in order to regroup and come at things from a different perspective. Distracting yourself gives you the space and time you need to figure things out and concentrate on something less pressing.

2. Do a brain dump: It seems like writing out a big list of your thoughts will only make you think more about all the tasks at hand and distract you further. But it’s usually the opposite. Putting your thoughts, worries, and tasks in writing means you don’t have to hold them all in your head, giving you the space to concentrate.

3. Connect With Friends: You may have noticed that when you’re overly stressed, you’re not as much fun to be around. As a result, your relationships may suffer. Focusing on positive relationships can minimize stress. By strengthening your relationships, you provide yourself with healthy coping techniques.

4. Go For A Nature Walk: Research has shown that forest bathing, the act of spending time in a wooded area is great for reducing stress. Nature can be beneficial for mental health. It reduces cognitive fatigue and stress which can be helpful with depression and anxiety.

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