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PTSD & Depression: Who is on your Board Of Directors

In this webcast Dr. Frank Ochberg discusses how he helps his PTSD and depressed patients. Many people with PTSD and depression say negative things about themselves to themselves. Dr. Ochberg explains a therapeutic tool he calls “your board of directors.” Replacing the negative people on your board of directors with those who are supportive. Source:… Read More »

Can Bullying Cause Anxiety Disorders?

Can bullying cause anxiety disorders? KNOW MORE ABOUT Can bullying cause anxiety disorders? Join the stand up for psychological symptoms may include social difficulties, internalizing symptoms, anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, and eating disorders (i. The researchers found that people who are bullied have a higher rate of agoraphobia (an anxiety disorder), generalized disorder, and 21… Read More »

I filmed my ptsd episode

Earlier this week I massively dipped because of my Ptsd, I had a major episode because of this, for the first time ever I filmed my ptsd episode, I filmed it to show that I’m not a violent person. This is what a ptsd episode can look like. MERCHENDICE: FIRST EDITION OF BOOK 1 (get… Read More »

The Service Dogs Helping Veterans With PTSD

SUBSCRIBE to Barcroft Animals: A CHARITY is giving Post Traumatic Stress Disorder sufferers a new lease of life by pairing them up with service dogs. 1Pet1Vet, based in Kankakee, Illinois is a non-profit organization that specialises in pairing and training companion and emotional support service dogs with military veterans, to cope with the effects of… Read More »

The Perceived Stigma Associated With PTSD

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Many people were taken by surprise yesterday when former mayoral candidate Jason Kander dropped outof the Kansas City race. Kander later admitted to distorting his Post Traumatic Stress Disorder symptoms when filing out his V-A forms. Eventurally, his fear of stigma associated with P-T-S-D caused him to resign from the race.  KOLR… Read More »

Can Stress Cause An Eating Disorder?

Can stress cause an eating disorder? KNOW MORE ABOUT Can stress cause an eating disorder? Eating disorders why do they happen? Ulifelineanred what causes eating disorders? . Body dysmorphic disorder is a generally, when stress reaches the point where it causes emotional and or physical problems, then becomes traumatic. That’s the way it’s always been… Read More »