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Post Traumatic Stress “Wounded Heroes” Movie Interview

– This is a TV interview on the show “Operation American Dream.” Host Amy Scruggs interviews Michael Gier as he discusses his feature film “Wounded Heroes” and the documentary they’re also producing to bring more awareness to Post Traumatic Stress and the 22+ per day suicide rate among our veterans. Source: Youtube

De’Andre B. Wells and AGX on Straight Talk w/Mike Gimbel August 1 2017

National Syndicated Straight Talk w/Mike Gimbel Topic: Veterans of the Iraqi War 16 years later De’Andre shares his amazing story and his founding of AGX on the backdrop of his experience at a VA residential PTSD program. www.agxgroup.org The demands, stressors, and conflicts of participation in a war-zone are traumatizing, spiritually and morally devastating, and… Read More »

Healing and Reconciliation Journey to Vietnam with Depth Psychotherapist, Ed Tick, November 2017

Journey to Viet Nam: 17th Annual Healing and Reconciliation Journey with Psychotherapist, Author, and Ed Tick: Exotic travel, Eastern spirituality, and Healing trauma… From October 31 to November 14, 2017, Soldier’s Heart co-founders Ed Tick (psychotherapist and author of “War and the Soul” and “The Practice of Dream Healing”) and Kate Dahlstedt (psychotherapist, group leader, writer) will co-lead the 17th annual Healing and Reconciliation Journey to… Read More »

PTSDads Teaser 2017

P.T.S.D. TV series dealing with returning combat veterans and the families struggles with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Follow the lives of Veterans with PTSD to learn about the disease that kills 22 veterans a day. The TV series aims to save lives and educate viewers on mental health and suicide prevention. The stories are real… Read More »

Weed for PTSD & John Lennon’s Deportation: VICE News Tonight Full Episode (HBO)

August 22, 2017, FULL EPISODE of VICE News Tonight on HBO. VICE News explores how John Lennon’s deportation laid the groundworks for DACA. We talk veterans who are fighting for the right to use cannabis as treatment for PTSD and other ailments. Ben Rhodes explains Trump’s new Afghan policy. In the second episode of our… Read More »

About PTSD and families: “It’s hard for them.” CPT Sarah C. Humphries

CPT Sarah C. Humphries US Army (1994 – present) “I lost a lot of time, and family is just kind of on the periphery suffering.” Learn more about PTSD from CPT Sarah Humphries as well as Veterans who’ve been there: Source: Youtube

Marijuana May Not Actually Help With PTSD or Chronic Pain

Now that medical marijuana is legal in more than half the country, patients suffering from chronic pain or PTSD are flocking to marijuana dispensaries across the nation for symptom relief. But what if I told you that marijuana may not actually help with either ailment? Find more videos like this on our playlists: Cannabis In… Read More »