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Surviving my brother’s suicide

My brother’s suicide shattered my life. This is the story of how I’ve tried to move on. Support me on Patreon: Presented live December 9th, 2015 at Union Hall in Brooklyn, New York as a part of The Story Collider’s Science of Growing Up. Audio provided by The Story Collider: Topics Discussed: – Anxiety –… Read More »

Step 1 To Healing PTSD

This video describes the very first step in my 13-step foundation to healing that I personally developed after 25 years experience with PTSD and used to successfully heal from it in healthy, natural ways. My books: Contact Robert: My Radio Show: Robert on Twitter: https: My Inspirational Quotes: What is 2BU/Heal PTSD? Source: Youtube

Michael’s PTSD and Depression

In lesson seven, Dr. Matheson describes Michael’s response to his wife’s suicide, leaving him on the edge of suicide himself, and putting his children at risk. Combining mainstream psychotherapy with a faithful brain approach to counseling that emphasizes the development of emotional resilience through neural reconsolidation, Dr. Matheson assists Michael to successfully resolve his PTSD… Read More »

The Silent Battles | PTSD in Law Enforcement Awareness Video 2017

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline number is 1-800-273-TALK(8255) & COP LINE National Law Enforcement Officer Hotline is 1-800-267-5463 I know this is a somewhat taboo subject for some, but that is exactly why I made this video. This is an extremely important issue and needs to be talked about and solved. We sure can’t change this… Read More »

Suicide, Prevention and CPTSD

Tonight’s *live discussion “Suicide,Prevention and CPTSD” is in honor of World Suicide Prevention Day and National Suicide Prevention Week. Please come join us and share what you know about “Suicide, Prevention and CPTSD” 🙂 Complex Trauma Survivors often have a hard time discussing topics surrounding healing, recovery or even siucide due to the abuse they… Read More »

PTSDads Teaser 2017

P.T.S.D. TV series dealing with returning combat veterans and the families struggles with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Follow the lives of Veterans with PTSD to learn about the disease that kills 22 veterans a day. The TV series aims to save lives and educate viewers on mental health and suicide prevention. The stories are real… Read More »

Police Suicide, the roots of PTSD, from Badge of Life

Badge of Life: What we face from police suicide, stress, trauma and PTSD. Badge of Life is a peer support officer-based educational program. Visit for free police suicide educational videos and materials. Source: Youtube

Self-Harm & Suicidal Thoughts and Behavior

My experience with self injury and suicide and how to deal with it. Hurting oneself and/or contemplating suicide is never the answer. Finding a way to release negativity and having something positive to look forward to is a major step at overcoming negative feelings and emotions. I’ve struggled with my gender identity, male to female… Read More »