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The Disturbing Realities of PTSD

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Do You Get Triggered Or Offended ?

Triggered Or Ofended are two words that are being misused a lot anymore! In this video I explain how these two words are being midsused and how it may affect the Mental Health Community. Twitter- Bipolar Corner Help me break The Stigma by joining my channel- Source: Youtube

Trauma and Addiction: How PTSD and Substance Abuse are Connected

Trauma and PTSD often lead to substance abuse and addiction. presents this video explaining the connection between trauma and addiction, PTSD symptoms, and treatment options for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, especially as it relates to alcohol and drug abuse. This is useful information for anyone dealing with traumatic stress or those concerned about PTSD and substance… Read More »

[Revealed] – Does All Trauma Develops PTSD?

Get Your Copy of The Book – For a Limited Period Only: In this video, we discuss the myth that everyone going through a trauma develops a Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Surviving a trauma, maybe your friends, family or you? You may find answer in the book Put That Stuff Down – Coping With PTSD Through… Read More »

What is PTSD?

Dr. Harry Croft gives an In-depth explanation of what PTSD is to the sufferer plus its causes and symptoms. Watch to learn more about PTSD. Visit for Trusted Mental Health Information What is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)? | PTSD Test: Do I Have PTSD? | Anxiety, Anxiety Disorders: Treatment Professionals Playlist | PTSD Playlist |… Read More »

PTSD Trolling – How to Prevent PTSD on The 4th of July Fireworks – With a Flashback Gun Fight

PTSD Prevention Methods!! Explaining how to prevent PTSD from bothering you this 4th of July! Showing you how not to ruin others from having fun because some people have it rough with loud noises. I also have a quick flashback of my own from hearing a loud boom. This is what it feels like to… Read More »

‘PTSD’ ~’Midnight Oil’ ~ ‘Council of Time’ ~ ‘Michael’ ~8-30-18

Council of Time ROF Playlist – Ring of Fire Ministries Playlist – COUNCIL OF TIME MOBILE BIBLE w/ Apocrypha Contact Micheal AUDIO ARCHIVE COT Public Chatroom Join YOUTUBE Chat ~ RING OF FIRE MINISTRIES ~ Healing Hearts His Way Psalm 51:10 ROF FACEBOOK PAGE Truth Stream Media Scripture for Right Now Times! ‘PTSD’ ~’Midnight Oil’… Read More »