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The Gun Boycott Signs of Old Orchard Beach – Post Traumatic (PTSD) Meltdown Day 3 Part 6

This video was made to add more information to this article: If you need more information into the background/history behind this video, please read the article as it provides full information to the situation being mentioned in the video. Looking for Amphibious Aliens, The Silver Salamander, Etiole, Watchers, Grigori Angels, or The World’s Most Haunted… Read More »

Ryan Johnson | Designer Vision

The fireplace is never without wood at the Johnson house. That’s because, for years at RMJ Tactical, Ryan has been building the finest custom tomahawks this country has ever seen. Applying modern engineering to centuries-old tool concepts, he redefined the role of tomahawks in Law Enforcement and Special Forces Military Applications. Watch to learn more… Read More »

Dental Implants Before And After North Carolina Call Me 877-292-6308

Post-Traumatic Stress: Research advises that folks who have acquired horrific dental experience (unsurprisingly) suffer from symptoms typically by people with ptsd (PTSD). This is characterized by intrusive thoughts of the bad experience and nightmares about dental practitioners or dental situations. This kind of last reason is extremely important. Most people with dental phobia experienced earlier… Read More »

Iraq War Veteran’s Suicide Letter Describes Trauma of War, Abandonment by Gov’t

– The website Gawker has published the suicide note of an Iraq War veteran who says he took his own life because the trauma of war left him in constant mental and physical agony. Daniel Somers had been diagnosed with traumatic brain injury, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other conditions related to the war. He ran… Read More »