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Former ITF soldier on PTSD and murdering in Gaza. Ido Gal Razon.

Ido Gal Razon, former ITF soldier, testifies to Israeli apartheid parliament on PTSD and murdering people in Gaza. 11 Nov 2015, State Control Committee, Israeli Knesset. From the testimony: I was also a Golani fighter, why won’t you treat me? I killed for you, with these hands! You say: “Terrorists with blood on their hands?”… Read More »

Can we have PTSD even if we cant remember all the details of our abuse? Facebook Friday! #KatiFAQ

Pre-order My New Book Today! ARE YOU OK? Facebook Friday! 1. #katifaq hi Kati- hope all is well here’s my question : would it be appropriate for me to ask my therapist to come and see one of my dance performances? I’ve been seeing her since March and will be continuing to see her for… Read More »

How Do I Stop PTSD Nightmares?? Facebook Friday!! #KatiFAQ

Pre-order My New Book Today! ARE YOU OK? How Do I Stop PTSD Nightmares?? Facebook Friday!! #KatiFAQ via YouTube Capture 1. Kati, could you explain why you can’t properly love/be loved by other people until you love yourself. I know it’s true but a friend told me it’s just bs and makes you believe you… Read More »

PTSD Awareness Video

Following the extended military actions in the middle east, a lot of media attention has gone to the care of our service men and women returning home with life-altering injuries. This is a major step for our society, but the invisible wounds of war need treatment as well, and that’s why the Camaraderie Foundation was… Read More »

MDMA Consciousness – Rick Doblin | London Real

IRONMIND MOVIE TICKETS: Rick Doblin explains MDMA Therapy for Veterans SQUARESPACE: SUBSCRIBE: WATCH “Ecstatic States: Treating PTSD with MDMA” Rick Doblin founded MAPS (the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) in 1986 with the goal of making MDMA an FDA approved medicine and hasn’t looked back since. Today the organisation is involved in studying the uses… Read More »

“Therapy isn’t brain science” – PTSD one session resolution

Visit for in-depth training in resolving complex PTSD from Steve Andreas. In this video, Steve Andreas gives a provocative presentation demonstrating the irrelevance of brain science in effective PTSD treatment. Includes a demonstration of the key method for resolving the phobic core of PTSD. Part of a panel on brain science at the Psychotherapy Networker… Read More »

Complex PTSD and Meditation

Check out my new course “The Discipline” (2017) ➡︎ THE DISCIPLINE – A comprehensive course targeting the symptoms of CPTSD The Discipline is a simple and stripped – down way for people to check that they are doing all they need to be doing (and no more than that which is necessary) to help themselves… Read More »

Yoga Helps Veterans With PTSD Without Drugs

It’s no secret that yoga can aid mental well-being. What is more, it can help soldiers suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, according to new research. Some of the most damaging consequences of seeing combat can happen in the mind. Of the 2.3m American veterans who returned from wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, up to 20%… Read More »

Troubled Minds Video.mp4

Album Troubled Minds. My name is Suzie Stanford and I suffer with Complex PTSD; the idea for this album grew out of a concept I had to raise awareness and funding for sufferers of PTSD. As with all PTSD sufferers, life is a huge challenge for me, but I like to set myself goals and… Read More »

It’s a Small, Small World: PTSD as Self-Imprisonment.

Big Think and the Mental Health Channel are proud to launch Big Thinkers on Mental Health, a new series dedicated to open discussion of anxiety, depression, and the many other psychological disorders that affect millions worldwide. Dr. Rachel Yehuda is one of the foremost researchers in the country studying neurobiology with regard to PTSD. In… Read More »

Learn the Signs and Symptoms of PTSD, with Dr. Bessel van der Kolk

One of the world’s foremost psychiatrists specializing in PTSD, Dr. Bessel van der Kolk visits Big Think to discuss the history of the disorder, its varying effects on sufferers of all ages, and forms of treatment that can “help people to come back to life.” To understand PTSD, says Dr. van der Kolk, you have… Read More »