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PTSD Social Commentary Presentation For English CP 10

I would like to try and shed some light on PTSD by doing a social commentary about it for my English final project. Source: Youtube

Veterans and PTSD: A Webinar – Part 2

This is the second part of the online event on veterans and PTSD held on 2/23/16 and sponsored by the online campus of Columbia University’s School of Social Work. Lt. Col. Franklin Swayne, a professional military social worker who teaches in the Columbia School of Social Work’s online campus, delivers some of the key statistics… Read More »

Warrior Walk

A Marion, Indiana Iraq war veteran finishes a cross-state trip on foot to raise awareness of fellow vets fighting depression, post traumatic stress disorders and suicide. Spend a few days in July 2015, with Jack Mcllwain, for Crossroads on WIWU-TV. Produced by Randall King Source: Youtube

08/06/14 The PTSD Resource Center of Vermont

Across the Fence is the longest-running locally-produced program in the US. We have been on-air on WCAX-TV since 1955! Across the Fence is produced by the University of Vermont Extension. Visit Source: Youtube