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Thriving Past Narcissistic Abuse While Dealing With a PTSD Diagnosis

Receiving a diagnosis of post traumatic stress injury (PTSD) can influence a wide range of emotions from anger to fear. However; when one chooses to isolate as a coping strategy, it can become very comfortable and familiar. There are some military veterans who during their military careers, have become very accustomed to camouflaging their presence… Read More »

The Simplest Scientifically-Proven Way of Overcoming PTSD (and Anxiety)

The Simplest Scientifically-Proven Way of Overcoming PTSD (and Anxiety) One of the most powerful tools in battling anxiety and posttraumatic stress disorder, drawn straight from science, is the knowledge of how trauma symptoms operate in our nervous system. Here, in a two-part video, you’ll learn why PTSD develops, and how our bodies already have a… Read More »

Campfire Cooking | Men’s Mental Health | Show Us Your Steak Challenge

I speak openly about men’s mental health in front of the fire while grilling an elk steak after a long morning of still hunting for deer through the forests of Canada. Please let Joe Rogan, Keegan Allen and Donald Trump Junior know that I have tagged them in Haze Outdoor’s “Show Us Your Steak Challenge”,… Read More »

Reiki for PTSD

Reiki for Post-traumatic stress disorder. I don’t have any experience personally with PTSD, but I know it has impacted a number of people close to me. I am truly empathetic. This video was requested by a viewer. ____________________ If you have a request for a video, please leave a comment below and I’ll give it… Read More »

Can Cannabis Help PTSD Patients?

Can cannabis help PTSD patients? Research has found cannabis to be a great aid for those suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. For instance, it has been shown to be able to inhibit learned fears, decrease fear expression and disrupt memory reconsolidation. Source: Youtube

Why this Veteran with PTSD Talks About his Feelings and Dog ft pbjvaillancourt

Patrick is a veteran with PTSD, and he find it important to talk to about his feelings. Having the signs and symptoms of PTSD can be difficult for veterans as well as many others, so Patrick is truly inspiring. Patrick also has a dog that helps with his mental health. He has a TON of… Read More »

10 Treatments for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

10 Treatments for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Help us to be better Like, Comment, Subscribe and invite all your friends to see our videos: More from Stay Healthy: 1. The Top 9 Signs That Your Infant May Have Autism. #6 Really Surprised Me! 2. 10 Early Warning Signs and Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease 3.… Read More »

Fight or flight: the veterans at war with PTSD

One hundred years on from the end of the first world war, a group of veterans in Dorset are torn between their pride in their military careers and their anger over the lack of psychological support provided to them by the Ministry of Defence. With many feeling abandoned and left to battle significant mental health… Read More »

Collateral effect on others of PTSD

In this short video, we talk about the negative thoughts felt during the PTSD. We approach on what is their impact and a way help avoid them. This was one of the tools that help us going through our rough time of the PTSD recovery, as well as with the decluttering Journey. Here we talk… Read More »