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Complex PTSD and Meditation

Check out my new course “The Discipline” (2017) ➡︎ THE DISCIPLINE – A comprehensive course targeting the symptoms of CPTSD The Discipline is a simple and stripped – down way for people to check that they are doing all they need to be doing (and no more than that which is necessary) to help themselves… Read More »

Gong Memories.

Healing with sound is believed to date back to ancient Greece when music was used in an attempt to cure mental disorders. Throughout history, music has been used to boost morale in military troops, help people work faster and more productively, and even ward off evil spirits by chanting. More recently, research has linked music… Read More »

3 HOURS of Gentle Night Rain Sounds – PTSD, Anxiety, Sleep, Insomnia, Meditation, Relaxing, Study

We created this specifically targeted for Veterans and those with PTSD and Anxiety disorder. 3hrs of Gentle rain at night (No Music, No Thunder) combined with an effective and very realistic video of Rain falling. 3 hours of Rain, 3 hours of Rain Sounds, Gentle Rain, Light Rain, Soft Rain, Calm Rain, Soothing Rain, Dark… Read More »


Subscribe for Louise Hays POWERFUL videos. Show your support by making a donation⬇️ paypal.me/Nyc123 50% Off Online Course ⬇️30 Day Transformation Enhance your mind to release negativity and negative thoughts. Connect on Social Media ⬇️ Instagram @AwakeningSoul444 Twitter @IndigoSoul444 Gain peace of mind at mindmeetssoul.blogspot.com I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (… Read More »

African Refugee PTSD Relief Through Meditation

To contribute to the African Refugee PTSD Relief Campaign: The David Lynch Foundation offered Transcendental Meditation to African refugees in November 2011 to help relieve their post-traumatic stress. “The soldiers took me and my brother with them. They dragged us away in the bush and gang raped me in front of my brother.” “It was… Read More »

Raw Binaural Beats for PTSD & Grief: Insomnia, Anger, Depression, Anxiety, & Panic

Hello and welcome to AnewMeHealthy Raw Binaural Beats for PTSD & Grief: Insomnia, Anger, Depression, Anxiety, and Panic. This audio was created out of a request from a follower who prefers to listen to the raw binaural beats over listening to binaural beats that are blended in with music. If you prefer the music blends… Read More »

Belleruth Naparstek on PTSD Episode 3

Belleruth Naparstek’s in-depth interview with Anne Bassett with The Vineyard View on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and guided imagery. To view entire interview, please watch all episodes. For more info visit: Source: Youtube

PTSD sorted in 6 minutes – Havening Demo Excel, London 2017

I use Havening at some stage with all of my clients. I thought long and hard before attempting this Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) demonstration. I knew I would only have about five minutes, which is much less time than I would ordinarily require. I decided to take a deep breath and just trust the… Read More »

*TW* Violet : Being Present With Our Triggers (PTSD-CPTSD)

trigger warning This video talks about being present with our own triggers through meditation and mindfulness, and also being respectful of other people’s triggers while also recognizing that we can’t always not trigger someone, it’s going to happen, and it’s okay, it doesn’t make any of us a bad person because we’ve triggered someone. We… Read More »

Post Traumatic Stress, Mindfulness & Returning Veterans

Portions of two presentations given at the Post Traumatic Stress & The Returning Veteran Conference: Improving our leadership of veterans employed in public service sponsored by the Hillsboro Police Department July 2009 Source: Youtube