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The New Way To Heal Trauma, False Beliefs and PTSD That REALLY WORKS! | Guiding Echoes

There are literally THOUSANDS of healing modalities out there, and I’m willing to bet that you’ve never heard of the one that we are going to discuss in this video. It’s called “Lifespan Integration Therapy.” It works on deep levels of the psyche through a very simple story telling technique which creates new levels of… Read More »

Complex PTSD and Meditation

Check out my new course “The Discipline” (2017) ➡︎ THE DISCIPLINE – A comprehensive course targeting the symptoms of CPTSD The Discipline is a simple and stripped – down way for people to check that they are doing all they need to be doing (and no more than that which is necessary) to help themselves… Read More »

Healing Trauma: Guided Imagery for Posttraumatic Stress: Health Journeys

Get your free audio book: Can you ever really recover from posttraumatic stress (ptsd)? Psychotherapist, guided imagery pioneer, and trauma expert Belleruth Naparstek says yes, and has the research to prove it. Her powerfully transformative guided meditations were found in four different clinical studies to significantly lower all three clusters of Pts symptoms by six… Read More »

Breathing Meditation for Complex PTSD: Feel Your Diaphragm, Know Balance & Calm

Your breath is amazing! We nourish the brain and body with the breath, and we can calm the central nervous system and reduce anxiety by breathing skillfully. In this guided breathing meditation, Karuna focuses on feeling the diaphragm, an amazing muscle that breathes us at night. She also focuses on the rise and fall of… Read More »

Complex PTSD & Childhood Trauma: Use Disassociation to Your Advantage

Those who have experienced Complex PTSD or trauma are quite familiar with disassociation (relating to an expansive field in order to cope with and alleviate childhood abuse or trauma). If that’s you, here’s some good news: That part of the hard work of become whole and healthy is done! In this video, Karuna encourages us… Read More »

Complex PTSD & Spirituality: Trigger Terms! How do we Heal for Real

How are wounds from Complex PTSD, ultimately, resolved and healed? Through cognitive therapy we understand the hurt or trauma–and understanding supports healing. Then, by embracing our more peaceful nature, through spiritual practice, the wound is soothed and, in its own time, resolved and healed. In this video, Karuna encourages us to let go of any… Read More »

Abraham Hicks 2017 – Post traumatic stress released by focus

Abraham Hicks 2017 Newest workshop excerpts: Stamford 10/8/2016 Photo of actor Charlie Hunnam published by Man of the World magazine, all rights reserved. Thank you for watching, please support the work we love by liking, sharing and subscribing! These workshops are LIFE-CHANGING, be sure and go check out when one will be happening in your… Read More »

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Help for Veterans (and everyone!) :032

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, is a very real thing for many individuals Nicole Lovald, a trained counselor, life coach, yoga teacher and yoga studio owner shares in this interview how she got into helping veterans (and civilians) with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Married to a service member, Nicole has a unique perspective and… Read More »

Guided Meditation for Complex PTSD

Karuna offers a brief 10-minute centering meditation for those who have experienced Complex PTSD due to childhood physical, emotional or spiritual neglect and abuse. The focus is on being present and authentic while calming the central nervous system from a hyper-vigilant state. See Karuna’s web site at The photography and videography shown on this channel… Read More »

Complex PTSD & Spiritual Bypassing: Disassociate No More!

Disassociate no more! For those who manage Complex PTSD, the lure of the pursuit of spiritual perfection can draw us into disassociation, a common coping mechanism from childhood. In this video, Karuna puts the spiritual practices into perspective: Meditate to reduce anxiety and bring greater awareness; study and embrace therapy to better understand and recover… Read More »

VETERANS with PTSD – Guided Hypnosis & Meditation for Sleep and Relaxation (vol 2 evening version)

This track has dreamy soft background music with a sleep countdown at the end. Best suited for listening at bedtime to help you sleep. Suitable for repeated listening. You can find me on: https://www.facebook.com/LinaGraceTV/ https://twitter.com/linagrace8 Every year as thousands of veterans return home from deployment, many of them are profoundly changed and some even find… Read More »

PTSD | Stress | Anxiety FREE! Effective Guided Meditation

This spoken word meditation or educational reprogramming is for those who would like to help overcome anxiety and PTSD symptoms. Become PTSD, stress, anxiety or worry free by meditating and developing your emotional awareness. When we are touched by a traumatic experience our bodies carry all sorts of memories that can then trigger to us… Read More »