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PTSD guides my life but does not define it, my PTSD Symptoms and Triggers effect those around me and the 20 year journey as a soldier effected with PTSD has been a long one for me and those that have watched my decline. PTSD production was designed so as to share my pain to display… Read More »

Famous People With Mental Illness Part 1 of 3

Famous people with ADD, Celebrities with ADD, Famous people with ADHD, Celebrities with ADHD, Famous people with bipolar, Celebrities with bipolar, Famous people with depression, Celebrities with depression, Famous people with schizophrenia, Celebrities with schizophrenia, Famous people with anxiety, Celebrities with anxiety, Famous people with panic attacks, Celebrities with panic attacks, Famous People with OCD,… Read More »

Bill 129, Workplace Safety and Insurance Amendment Act (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), 2012

Raising awareness surrounding Trauma/Mental Health and protection for First Responders in Ontario in the hope of gaining protection by the Ontario Workplace Safety and Insurrance Board. It is time to create a more accepting system for Mental Health and Inherent Job Risk Factors. Source: Youtube


A lot of people wonder if trauma therapy is possible if we dissociate. Many of us need support because we are dealing with PTSD from an accident, or an assault or something entirely different. Today, Dr. Alexa Altman and I talk about how important staying present is when working in trauma therapy. If you remember… Read More »

WHY I HAVE PTSD | Abuse, Suicide Attempt & Anxiety Disorder

I’ve been on YouTube a year now and last week you all saw me struggling with PTSD. I thought now would be a good time to open up and tell you all a bit of my story and give you some insight as to why I have PTSD and why it’s chronic in my particular… Read More »