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Narcissistic Abuse can turn us into Emotional Vampires if we aren’t careful and that will be because we are reacting to trauma. As we know narcissistic abuse has a way of hijacking our minds to where we obsess on te things that happened for days, weeks, months and even years and if we aren’t careful… Read More »

How to Choose an Online Therapist (keeping yourself safe)

How to Choose an Online Therapist is a conversation about the types of therapists, psychologists and coaches available, and how to keep yourself safe. Towards the end of video will be some mention of ideas for viewers on how to handle currently problematic channels. ~Visit Evening’s site at and join ER Insiders for a free… Read More »

Abusers Posing as Coaches & Healers Series (in the news)

Abusers Posing as Coaches and Healers Series (in the News) is a live video where i talk about creating this series about the abuse that took place at the Meet up in Mexico and how it links to the news in the greater world . Kavanaugh’s appointment and other news stories reminds us of the… Read More »

The Root Causes of Addiction and Alternatives in Treatment

Alternatives in Drug Addiction Treatment is about the dismal state of drug rehab and how it has remained relatively unchanged for years despite the fact that it has worse than 90% failure rate, and criminalizing drug addicts has only compounded the problem. Law of Attraction. Shame. Complex PTSD. Find Evening on youtube and visit her… Read More »

Anniversary of My Son’s Death — Effects of Complex Trauma (CPTSD)

New edits and modifications made to the original video about Evening’s son who died from an overdose after self medicating symptoms for CPTSD after years of narcissistic abuse. On the anniversary of his death on July 11, 2016, and in conjunction with the Lakeside Living article and forming of the Noah Ransom Foundation we are… Read More »

Don’t Believe the 3 Lies Depression Tells You – (Depression and Complex PTSD) N.O.A.H Video podcast

Evening talks about depression and the 3 lies that it will try to tell you that get people to take desperate measures such as suicide. Narcissistic abuse causes Complex trauma which leads to confusion and brain fog as the cognitive dissonance that Evening believes is at the heart of all depression. Visit Evening’s site at… Read More »

Why Traditional Drug Treatment Has Failed & What to do About It

Evening discusses drug addiction as a symptom of complex trauma (cptsd), and why current drug treatment methods are failing miserably, and no one is talking about just how bad it is.. Not until her son died did anyone ever tell her that traditional drug treatment fails in over 90% of cases, and even worse for… Read More »

Q&A: Overachiever Syndrome, Narcissistic Abuse, and CPTSD

Evening responds to a viewer question and uses it to illustrate the ways abuse and ongoing trauma shapes our thinking. She also discusses one of the manifestations of Overachiever syndrome. Overachievers are ambitious and have a unique mindset that keeps their brain on overdrive and a work ethic that keeps them one step ahead. Some… Read More »

Repressed Memories, False Memories & Complex PTSD

Questions about repressed memories, false memories and their relationship to trauma answered in today’s video. Did abuse really happen if you can’t remember it? We just have a general sense of confusion and reactions that we don’t understand. How do we heal from complex trauma or CPTSD ? We have to revisit the trauma, reparent… Read More »

Living With Complex PTSD Can Feel Like Struggling to Keep Our Head Above Water

Complex post-traumatic stress disorder (C-PTSD; also known as complex trauma) is a psychological disorder similar to post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) which results from repetitive, prolonged trauma involving harm or abandonment by a caregiver or other interpersonal relationships with an uneven power dynamic. C-PTSD is associated with child abuse or neglect, intimate partner violence, cults… Read More »

Understanding Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD)

Evening discusses Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. CPTSD is defined as a psychological stress injury which results from ongoing or repeated diffuse trauma that takes place over a period of time sometimes years, and is often originated in childhood. This makes it different from PTSD which can be caused by a single traumatic event, and… Read More »