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Anniversary of My Son’s Death — Effects of Complex Trauma (CPTSD)

New edits and modifications made to the original video about Evening’s son who died from an overdose after self medicating symptoms for CPTSD after years of narcissistic abuse. On the anniversary of his death on July 11, 2016, and in conjunction with the Lakeside Living article and forming of the Noah Ransom Foundation we are… Read More »

Don’t Believe the 3 Lies Depression Tells You – (Depression and Complex PTSD) N.O.A.H Video podcast

Evening talks about depression and the 3 lies that it will try to tell you that get people to take desperate measures such as suicide. Narcissistic abuse causes Complex trauma which leads to confusion and brain fog as the cognitive dissonance that Evening believes is at the heart of all depression. Visit Evening’s site at… Read More »

Unconditional Love As Our Birthright, and The Obvious Problem Facing All Children of Narcissists

Intentions and Love are Everything. You can mess up a lot as a parent and things will be okay, but if you become a parent for the wrong reasons and if you are incapable of putting someone else’s needs before your own, feeling empathy, or taking responsibility and are in other ways narcissistic you are… Read More »

Treatment Alternatives for opiate addiction related to complex PTSD — N.O.A.H. Video Podcast

In this video Evening discusses the dismal state of drug rehab and how it has remained relatively unchanged for years despite the fact that it has worse than 85% failure rate, and criminalizing drug addicts has only compounded the problem. Law of Attraction. Shame. Complex PTSD. Find Evening on youtube and visit her site at… Read More »

How Sociopaths Manipulate Counselors and Being Re-traumatized by Therapists N.O.A.H. Video Podcast

There is far greater chance of getting re-traumatized in therapy than getting healing for your CPTSD due to narcissistic abuse because it is a specialty that few therapists know about or adequately understand. Therapists will get manipulated by the sociopath just as easily as anyone else. Only before they know how it works and the… Read More »