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Michael & His Dragon (excerpt)

Michael Ergo looks like a typical guy in his early 20s but one thing sets him apart, only a few years before he was fighting insurgents in the Iraq war. Cleverly told through the story of Michael’s tattoos – tattoos that mark his personal journey as both solider and veteran, this film is a deep… Read More »

VICE News Tonight: Even Guantanamo Bay’s Guards Suffer From PTSD

The Guantanamo Bay detention center in Cuba didn’t just take its toll on inmates. Their guards suffered as well. U.S. military personnel assigned to the Guantanamo Bay detention center suffer from high rates of post-traumatic stress disorder, according to exclusive interviews and documents obtained by VICE News. “I had nightmares where they would somehow get… Read More »

Airplane Passengers Fall in Love With Emotional Support Duck Accompanying Owner With PTSD

Meet Daniel Turducken Stinkerbutt, aka Daniel the Duck. He’s an emotional support animal for 37-year-old Carla Fitzgerald, who has been battling post-traumatic stress disorder ever since a bad accident in 2013. Daniel rose to fame this weekend when he accompanied Fitzgerald on two airplane flights — one from her hometown of Milwaukee to Charlotte, North… Read More »

It’s Worth It To Me: A Veteran’s Documentary

It’s Worth It To Me is a Veteran’s Documentary about three veterans, in their own words, discussing their problems with PTSD, Military Sexual Harassment, Homelessness, alcohol and drug addiction and how they have found help through the VA. Hosted by former US Army Vietnam Veteran and four time Super Bowl Champion with the Pittsburgh Steelers… Read More »

Shell Shock Victim (WW1)

In this disturbing footage, a traumatized WWI soldier suffering from the effects of shell shock staggers on the floor, barely able to walk. However, after receiving revolutionary treatment from Dr. Arthur Hurst, the man is able to confidently walk again. For Archive Licensing Enquiries Visit: Explore Our Online Channel For FULL Documentaries, Fascinating Interviews &… Read More »

Virtual Iraq Redux

Of the 2.3 million U.S. military personnel who have deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan since 2001, studies estimate that as many as 460,000 suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder on returning home. The innovative virtual reality clinical therapy for PTSD developed by Dr. Skip Rizzo at the USC Institute for Creative Technologies leverages computer and gaming… Read More »

On Beat w/ OHLOW 03/13/14 (RESPECT)

On Beat w/ OHLOW 03/13/14 (RESPECT). On Beat w/ Ohlow airs Live every Thursday night at 9pm on FPA_FFX Cable channel 37 or You can find this show as well as all the previously archived shows at www.beatkonductaz.com Source: Youtube

Treating PTSD with Marijuana: WEEDIQUETTE – Stoned Vets (Trailer)

WEEDIQUETTE Tuesdays at 11:00p Daily life can be a minefield of triggers for those struggling with PTSD. While many states have legalized medical marijuana, the federal government has not, so agencies like the V.A. can’t recommend it, even though many Vets feel that they need it. Subscribe Now: Follow VICELAND: VICELAND.com | VICE Video |… Read More »

Living Yesterday: A Look at PTSD

(Warning: Triggering Content) FOR AN UPDATE (12/9/2012) SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM. Filmed and edited by me for my Abnormal Psychology class, Living Yesterday explores life with PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder). This documentary is meant to provide general information about the disorder through a personal story: my personal story. With footage from the University of South… Read More »

Last Chance Saloon (Part 7): Post-traumatic stress disorder

Last Chance Saloon is the story of Neil ‘Twink’ Tinning, a troubled, magnificent man living with bipolar disorder, and his unique attempt to understand the science behind his, and many other, mental health conditions – all while getting ready to play the biggest gig of his life. In part 7, gig rehearsals gain momentum, causing… Read More »