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Are You in God’s Will?! (for when you feel completely lost) || Savannah Lewie

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In this video I talk about PTSD/anxiety/panic attacks and share my tips on how to deal with it. Please share your tips in the comments and subscribe (: Please have a look at my Facebook page: Source: Youtube

CBT for PTSD: Example of how grounding techniques can be used in therapy

Case study example for use in teaching, aiming to demonstrate how grounding techniques might be used in CBT for PTSD disorder. Catherine Corker, qualified CBT practitioner, demonstrates the grounding techniques. The character of Sarah is played by an actor (Catriona Burke), but the scene is not scripted, and as such it represents a natural therapeutic… Read More »

Coconuts, Magic, PTSD & Troy Swallows. Vid #10.2

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What I Learned Being Off Social Media (for 8 months) || Savannah Lewie

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PTS WAR by Robert Preston ( A song about PTSD Post Traumatic Stress )

I dedicate this song to all the war veterans out there that have fought for our freedom & anyone who has suffered the effects of PTSD, this song is for you… I wrote it knowing how it feels to suffer from post traumatic stress disorder. music heals invisible wounds… This my second you tube post`… Read More »