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What Is PTSD Wiki?

It can develop when people are severely harmed, or experience something extremely upsetting complex post traumatic stress disorder is a psychological exhibiting features similar to borderline personality (bpd) and posttraumatic (ptsd) very broad category involved in disorders. Fandom complex post traumatic stress disorder (c ptsd) out of the fog. Category posttraumatic stress disorder wikipedia. Ptsd… Read More »

Trauma Informed Care and CPTSD Survivors

Tonight’s *live discussion “Trauma Informed Care” was prompted by your voice messages, emails and comments/requests. Please come join us and share what you know about “Trauma-Informed Care” 🙂 Traumainformed practitioners and programs generally recognize the following: 1). The survivor’s need to be respected, informed, connected, and hopeful regarding their own recovery 2). The interrelation between… Read More »

What is Hypervigilance?

What is Hypervigilance? Hypervigilance is a hypersensitivity to your environment and constant scanning for threats. Learn more here. SUBSCRIBE: FREE WORKSHEETS: FREE Trauma Help: Like me on Facebook: Join Emotional Trauma Support Group: Your life matters. Nobody can question your worth. Whatever it is that you’re going through, however it is that you’re feeling: It’s… Read More »