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Macho Man. PTSD Veterans of War Song

Macho man, help me understand you came back so differently Thank you for your service but you seem a little nervous Is there somethin’ you care to share? You were a gentle man, a boy in our band Before you went to war over there I can take you out from a 1000 yards I… Read More »


PTSD Soldier Jane got her discharge papers from her time in the military. She developed a disability, ptsd. Suffering from military sexual trauma, the VA didn’t take her seriously and so the claim was denied, PTSD. PTSD. PTSD. PTSD. PTSD. Post traumatic stress, PTSD. Soldier Joe got brand new orders to deploy with his unit… Read More »

Collateral Damage Inspector Stone Se. 2 Ep 2 BBC Radio crime drama

DCI John Stone is forced to open up an investigation into the death of Gary Taylor, a veteran of the Iraq War suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The theory that he died from a self-inflicted drug overdose is turned on it’s head when one of his ex-army mates accuses Gary’s grieving widow of having… Read More »

Dogs helping Soldiers with Traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder

Traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder are two medical conditions that are difficult to diagnose and treat. Army Sergeant Peter Holzer tells us about some unique dogs that are giving Soldiers with TBI and PTSD, a second chance at recovery… Available in High Definition. Source: Youtube

Complex PTSD and Narcissistic Injury/Abuse: Finding the Support pt. 2

Please leave comments, questions and subscribe! Thank you for visiting. MY EMAIL: LuminouszZtar@gmail.com FOR FURTHER RESEARCH: Please research three elements or types of therapy for trauma (PTSD) *Present Centered Therapy *Prolonged Exposure *Cognitive Reconstructuring Source: Youtube

NVLSP Discusses Class Action to Help OEF/OIF Vets with PTSD

NVLSP’s Bart Stichman talks about recent developments with the class action lawsuit to help Iraq and Afghanistan veterans at a press conference on January 25, 2010 at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. Stichman is the co-executive director of the National Veterans Legal Services Program. Thousands of veterans will likely receive better benefits and… Read More »


LITERARY LANDMARK WELCOMES DESCENDANT OF THE BEATS: Book Passage, San Francisco, CA, Tuesday, July 16 Award winning poet, Brian Francis Heffron, kicked off a national book tour for Colorado Mandala, his debut work of literary fiction, with an appearance at one of the San Francisco Bay Area’s most prestigious literary landmarks, Book Passage in Marin.… Read More »

Plaintiff – Class Action Lawsuit to Help OEF/OIF Vets with PTSD

Veteran plaintiff Tyler Einarson talks about why he joined the class action lawsuit. at a press conference on January 25, 2010 at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. Einarson lives in Minnesota and is one of 4,300 OEF/OIF veterans who stand to benefit from the lawsuit. Source: Youtube