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Derealization and Depersonalisation: How I deal with it

*This is personally how I deal with it, so it might not help you as we are all on our own journey and at different stages.* READ BELOW to see if any of the following affect your DR/DP in anyway: – Past or recent trauma – PTS or PTSD – Depression – Dissociative disorders or… Read More »

Types of anxiety disorders

dealing with panic attacks how to treat panic attacks anxiety supplements anxiety disorder help treating anxiety disorder natural treatment for anxiety treatment for panic disorder signs and symptoms of anxiety overcoming fear natural remedies for panic attacks social anxiety cure signs of an anxiety attack how to cope with panic attacks chronic anxiety symptoms what… Read More »

My Experience With PTSD

Healing Anxiety Workshop: Magnetic Mama is an intuitive healer. To book an energy reading, see the calendar at magneticmama.com 💎🔮💙 Thanks for watching! Feel free to reach out to me with questions or feedback. I respond to YouTube comments, or you can reach out on social media. s o c i a l : Twitter… Read More »

CPTSD: Are You Over-Stimulated by Noise?

Join the QueenBeeing Universibee – the online learning and evolution center for narcissistic abuse survivors. You’ll really thrive when you join this hive! Join up at today! CPTSD: Are You Over-Stimulated by Noise? I don’t know about you, but loud and excessive noise makes me anxious, even today. Sudden loud noises or long-lasting noise such… Read More »

Understanding Trauma: How Stress and Trauma Cause Chronic Pain, Anxiety, Depression, & PTSD

Watch this video to find out how Trauma and Stress impact the brain to create chronic conditions, like: chronic pain, depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress, and fibromyalgia. You will understand how the brain / body connection works and why nothing you’ve tried has helped so far. If you or a loved one suffer from chronic… Read More »

Hypnotherapy and PTSD

Throughout our lives we all experience our stresses, strains and difficult situations. Recovery from these events is usually a natural process which occurs over time, without the need for further help. For some however, certain traumatic and frightening events can trigger a reaction which can last for a period of months, or even years. This… Read More »