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Ryan Johnson | Designer Vision

The fireplace is never without wood at the Johnson house. That’s because, for years at RMJ Tactical, Ryan has been building the finest custom tomahawks this country has ever seen. Applying modern engineering to centuries-old tool concepts, he redefined the role of tomahawks in Law Enforcement and Special Forces Military Applications. Watch to learn more… Read More »

Q&A: Overachiever Syndrome and CPTSD—-N.O.A.H. Video podcast

Evening responds to a viewer question and uses it to illustrate the ways abuse and ongoing trauma shapes our thinking. She also discusses one of the manifestations of Overachiever syndrome. Overachievers are ambitious and have a unique mindset that keeps their brain on overdrive and a work ethic that keeps them one step ahead. Some… Read More »

Macho Man. PTSD Veterans of War Song

Macho man, help me understand you came back so differently Thank you for your service but you seem a little nervous Is there somethin’ you care to share? You were a gentle man, a boy in our band Before you went to war over there I can take you out from a 1000 yards I… Read More »

Brian Mancini’s Battle with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder | In Deep Shift | Oprah Winfrey Network

After growing up hearing stories of service from his grandfather and uncles, Brian Mancini joined the military two weeks after he got out of high school. Six months into his second tour in Baghdad, Brian was hit by a roadside bomb and medically discharged after nearly 13 years of service. He’s on the mend from… Read More »

Childhood Trauma & Its Connection To Codependency. The Trauma Continuum. Expert

My 3-hour February 25, 2017 “GASLIGHITNG IS EVERYWHERE!” webinar and video is available at This is a clip from Ross Rosenberg’s 6-hour Codependency Cure 6 seminar video. Ross talks about how and why attachment trauma, or the harm caused to a child by their pathologically narcissistic parent causes codependency. Ross also teaches about his Trauma… Read More »