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Ex-Cop Confronts Mother-in-Law Who Says He’s Using PTSD As Excuse To Be Lazy

Former Miss Kentucky Latina, Daniela, says the last eight months that she and her husband, Robert, have been living with her mother, Elina, have been “hell.” She says Robert, an ex-cop, has been fighting the debilitating symptoms of PTSD, and Elina is constantly calling him “lazy” and “worthless.” Elina says she thinks Robert is just… Read More »

SJ Talks PTSD/Asperger’s Syndrome-Type Symptoms – #stevenjoseph

Revealing video for those with PTSD-type symptoms and those who love someone with the challenges. Steven Joseph, formerly known as Steven Joseph Wienbrock and Eric Atler, discusses PTSD symptoms, military support, the potential of mercury poisoning and presents a suicide prevention contact in this video. ‘Feeling ultra-low or repetitively feeling suicidal? Find immediate help at… Read More »

An Iraq war veteran on weed vs. anti-depressants in battling PTSD

Logan Edwards is an Iraq war veteran, who served six years with the Marine corps and ever since his return in 2009 has been suffering anxiety, depression and other symptoms of PTSD. After he initially turned to alcohol it landed him in rehab. Logan went through several years of prescription medicines. However, this only seemed… Read More »

PTSD Treatment | Get Rid Of PTSD Symptoms, Forever

PTSD that impacts veterans, children, men and women is the result of an extraordinary impulse in the brain. It’s a powerful process shared in this revealing video by scientist and bestselling author of Desirable Power, Jacob Korthuis who uses the Progressive Mental Alignment technique to permanently heal PTSD. PTSD is linked to relationship problems, addiction,… Read More »

Dealing with PTSD: Signs and Symptoms

This video is of Dr. Al Johnson on Florida radio on November 10, 2015. Contact Dr. Johnson below! Dr. Al Johnson at Hyperbaric Centers of Texas: WEBSITE: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: YOUTUBE: Hyperbaric Centers of Texas was established in 2004 to treat both FDA approved indications and “off-label” (non FDA approved) indications that… Read More »