Raw Binaural Beats for PTSD & Grief: Insomnia, Anger, Depression, Anxiety, & Panic

Hello and welcome to AnewMeHealthy Raw Binaural Beats for PTSD & Grief: Insomnia, Anger, Depression, Anxiety, and Panic.

This audio was created out of a request from a follower who prefers to listen to the raw binaural beats over listening to binaural beats that are blended in with music.

If you prefer the music blends please go here:

Listen with headphones on a low, comfortable level.
Do not drive or operate machinery while listening.
Find a safe, comfortable place to sit or lay.
Take a few long slow deep breathes, read the affirmations, and listen.
Listen for at least 7 – 10 minutes on a low volume.
Allow your brain enough time to process, adapt and synchronize to the binaural beats frequencies.
The longer you listen the better it will work because this recording uses binaural beats brainwave entrainment which entrains the brain through repetition of specific frequencies.

This range of frequencies is associated with balancing and healing the whole mind, body, soul. It is calming, relaxing, dream and sleep states of mind. It improves stress tolerance, reduces anxiety, relieves pain, and promotes deep-restorative sleep. It is a remedy for PTSD, Grief, anger, irritability, depression, anxiety, and panic. It’s conducive to miracle type healing, trauma recovery. It leaves you feeling peaceful, tranquil and being one with the Universe.

The nature of brainwave entrainment is repetition. So, please, visit and listen often during this time of healing. We believe in you and we wish you well.

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