Cure for PTSD, Depression, Trauma Offered at The Holistic Sanctuary All Rights Reserved

Cure for PTSD, Depression, Trauma Offered at The Holistic Sanctuary All Rights Reserved 2017

One-On-One Therapy
Recovery from drug and alcohol addiction needs in-depth and effective therapy. This is exactly what the Holistic Sanctuary offers. While other treatment and rehabilitation centers focus on using toxic medications to help recovering addicts we do so by our tried and tested one on one therapy.
This is all in an effort to promote a natural way of recovering from addiction and alcoholism. We provide you with the option of spending all your time with a therapist/healer/practitioner or counselor should you choose to do so.
Our Mission cure PTSD
Our main aim is to stop addiction, eliminate dependency and permanently heal our clients with no side effects in an all-natural way without using medication as a crutch.
Your Success Is Our Success!
Traditional rehabilitation centers are still spending time using their outdated ‘One size fits all’ approach which has been known to lead to failure. We shun all those medieval methods of recovery and go straight to the roots! Each client is different and requires different treatment and care. We want to see you flourish in your life and reach your full potential.
We are State of the Art! Cure Depression
Our therapies and treatment protocols are the finest in the world and aren’t implemented anywhere else. Our unique approach focuses on the repair and regeneration of damaged brain cells that had been deteriorated under the effects of chemical substances and alcohol.
Our methods are effective and all-natural. While most have been skeptical about our approach we can prove our success through the before and after brain scans of our successfully cured clients.
Powerful Healing Methods with No Side Effects
Our motto at the Holistic Sanctuary is;
“Heal your mind; heal your life!”
Our holistic approach is tested and proven. Our cutting edge treatment methods allow us to provide you with the best care that is possible. We heal your mind, body and spirit not only by eliminating the drugs and toxins in your body but also by introducing you to a holistic lifestyle that will better your life and help you on the way to recovery.
Our treatment method includes the introduction of super foods, certified brain therapy equipment, powerful energy healing and herbal remedies.
We Stand Apart from the Crowd
We are not the standard PTSD Treatment center that subdues clients and provides prescription drugs in order to mask the symptoms and underlying causes of depression and trauma.
We are a Holistic cure center that does not engage in the same methods of treatment that other treatment centers do. We offer hope and a cure in place of redundant treatments such as the 12 step theory or medication approach.

The biggest drawback of traditional ptsd rehabilitation centers is stating that an Depression trauma and PTSD is ‘incurable’. In fact, our treatment methods ensure a return of the mind to a previous state when it was trauma free. Traditional PTSD centers which are still implementing old and failing techniques cannot make this claim.

At our Facility, no one is “incurably diseased or powerless”. We are dedicated to putting the reigns of your life back into your hands and providing you with the tools that will help you rebuild it.
Healing from the Inside.

PTSD and Depression is only a symptom of an underlying problem and until that problem is resolved the individual can never truly be cured. This is the key that other treatment centers seem to miss. Medication masks these underlying causes stopping you from a permanent cure.

There are two steps towards detection of the underlying cause and a permanent cure;
• Remove all poisons and harmful toxins from the body
• Repair the damage that has been done to the brain

Our Holistic Sanctuary;
• Does not use medications to mask
• Does not follow out dated techniques which have a 90% failure rate
• Gives power back to the client telling them that they can regain control of their life. They are not powerless
• Doesn’t talk about pain but rather accepts and releases it
• Is proactive in exploring new therapies and possibilities
• Does not consider drug abuse as an incurable disease
Contact Us!

Are you ready to be cured? Our staff are always ready to help you on your journey to recovery and detoxification in an all-natural manner. Call us at 323-612-9904 and regain control of your life.
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