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Suffering from PTSD / TBI – Discussion with Special Ops Veterans Kyle Lamb & John Lovell

It is usually not the physical injuries that debilitate our war veterans – it is the psychological injuries. Do you have friends you would like to help and do not know how? Understanding what is really going on in their hearts and minds and knowing the real road to recovery can make all the difference… Read More »


In a video released Tuesday, the pop star joined the Duke of Cambridge’s Heads Together, a campaign he leads along with his wife Catherine and Prince Harry to raise awareness on mental illness. The stigmas or just plain fear, they said, stops many from opening up about their feelings. “There’s a lot of shame attached… Read More »

Post Alien Abduction Syndrome – 2017

Post Alien Abduction Syndrome (PAS) is an anxiety disorder that is closely related to Post traumatic Stress Disorder (APA, 1994). It is characterized by the . Please Subscribe my Channel! © 2016. Sorry about the previous description. It was late and I titled this video with the other video’s title. No idea how I managed… Read More »